You care…. We care !

JavaSpices has been established as a spice Indonesian company since 2004. Our business model is based on the accomplishment of traditional spices into modern taste.
Our values to our customer will rely on our quality, reliability, sustainability and creativity.
We make our company based on passion, excellent and care; those values make us different and better!
Our company has been supported by the best chef who deals not only in food but also with food science. Not only by chef, we also supported by people who process the spices with skills and long experienced in spice processing. Besides those, we also process our spices, oils and extract with advance technology, cold process with no chemical added nor preservatives.
SIPPO Switzerland has been supportive to our company as well as PUM Netherlands where we can be the expert in our industry. Besides those supporting organizations, we are also certified by Control Union Netherlands for organic certification both USDA and EU standard.
With our own plantation and more than 1,000 contracted farmers in North Sulawesi and West Java, we have developed an agriculture commercial system to make better living for farmers and better quality to our end. With the concept of integrated farming system, farmers should be able to enjoy being farmers; we initiate for the movement of “gerakan peternak senyum – smile breeder movement” and “gerakan petani 1 milyar – 1 billion farming movement”
From 2004, JavaSpices has become the most dynamic company in spice industry, we are keep seeking and still looking to develop new products, new areas as well as strategic partnership where we can be the value added company to our partners and customer.
Our vision is to become a leader of natural and organic raw ingredients in Indonesia where farmers, villages and partners have the advantage from our business process
Recently, we have just expanded our operation in Bogor and Cibedug, West Java, we have started to develop a group of farmers to develop organic crops to cater Jakarta and surroundings area. With this expansion, JavaSpices will be having a better service, faster and sustain as well as traceable spices. Try our new spices blend, virgin coconut oil and vanilla extract, you can compare our products to others, we can guarantee 100% satisfied!
Contact us, we will be more than happy to provide you ideas and description about our company and products.
When you care about your food ingredients, you must contact us! because WE CARE!